Our Climbing Wall project

Why a Climbing Wall

Climbing walls at school can provide a unique and engaging way for students to improve their physical fitness and coordination. The challenge of navigating the wall can also help students develop problem-solving skills and boost their confidence and self-esteem as they successfully climb. In addition, climbing walls can be adapted to suit a range of abilities, making it an inclusive activity for all students to participate in.

Why Cousteau needs it

As time passes, our current sport equipment are showing some signs of elderliness while the programs, knowledge and trends are evolving. It is time for Cousteau School to upgrade gradually our school's equipments to provide our students a state-of-the-arts sport program to help them develop new skills, strength and agility. The PAC already initiated this project with the financing of small outdoor wall and we would like to expend it to another level.



Climbing wall is an important construction project with made-to-measure materials to perfectly fit in our facilities. we are convince this project is the right path to bring our sport program to the next stage.